Two trusted names in the precision tool
manufacturing industry since 1952.


We provide the tools to ensure
unmatched precision and accuracy.


Achieve perspective for near limitless
application with our tools and spheres.


Point cloud scanning ability that
produces unparalleled results.


Scanning Spheres makes industry leading
3D laser scanning a precise reality.

Our integration spheres are highly
accurate laser scanning targets. These spheres are brushed aluminum with a lambertian finish ideal for laser scanning.
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Target Spheres are used to create a baseline to define coordinate references inside the scanning data cloud; also known as reference spheres and registration spheres.
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It is imperative that the axis defined by the centerline between the two balls, be coincident with the linear axis of the measuring machine. To do this, you must find the highest point up, down, in, and out..
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Product Selection
Material Quality
Customization Capabilities
Cost Effectiveness
Customer Satisfaction is a website devoted to the family of products we produce related to the laser scanning industry. Our goal is to offer the best quality product at a reasonable price. Bal-tec, a division of Micro Surface Engineering, has been producing spheres since 1952. We produce some of the world’s highest quality spheres on a daily basis. We manufacture all of our products in Los Angeles, California. Bal-tec manufactures spheres in size from .010 inch (.25mm) to 20 inch (500mm) diameter out of most materials. Our facilities contain over 50,000 square feet of manufacturing space and 100’s of state of the art machines.

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We confidently depend on Scanning Spheres and the production teams at Bal-tec to deliver a quality product, conveniently and timely.

With our products, precision and dependable materials is essential, and we know we can trust Bal-tec to deliver on demand.

Our key manufacturing platforms require dependable materials and reliable support. This, as well as convenience, is what we can expect when ordering from Scanning Spheres.


Meet BoB the Bot. The Scanning Spheres product tester. BoB is used to test product durability and resilience. In this video we see BoB after 25,000 impressions and 40 straight hours of continuous work.

Our ball inventory is available for immediate purchase through the web site shop. If it’s not in stock, we can custom make it. Call 800-322-5832 for further details.

Scanning Spheres/Bal-tec™, one of the top six precision ball manufacturers in the entire continental United States, has extensive capabilities. Personal service is our specialty.

Our broad array of experience includes: ball plug gages, ball seat lapping tools, ball sizing, ball valve technology, bearing technology, dimensional metrology, flexures, kinematic couplings, the metallurgy of balls and rollers, precision engineering, and much more. Call us today and discover what we can do for you.